แบบฝึกหัดออนไลน์ ม.1
แบบฝึกหัดภาษาอังกฤษ ม.1

ชุด 1


ข้อ 1.
Wichai: I really must be going.

ก. O.K.
ข. Thank you.
ค. See you later
ง. Take it easy.

ข้อ 2. If you wish to ask about your friend’s health
you say, “ ___________”

ก. How are you?
ข. How do you do?
ค. What do you do?
ง. How about you?

ข้อ 3. You would like Somporn to meet Bancha.
Somporn says, “ ___________ ”

ก. How are you, Bancha?
ข. What do you do, Bancha?
ค. May I introduce myself?
ง. Nice to meet you, Bancha.

ข้อ 4. You accidentally step on someone’s foot. You
say, “___________”

ก. Thank you.
ข. I’m sorry.
ค. It’s not my fault.
ง. How clumsy of me!

ข้อ 5. Chommana is going to take her exam
tomorrow. You say “___________”

ก. Cheers.
ข. I wish you luck.
ค. How lucky you are!
ง. Don’t worry about that.

ข้อ 6. Pavinee would like to look at the computer
notebook. The assistant asks her, “___________”

ก. May I help you?
ข. What would you like to do?
ค. What can I do for you?
ง. What are you doing here?

ข้อ 7. Tip: Would you lend me this magazine,please?

ก. I’ll be glad to.
ข. You’re welcome.
ค. I haven’t finished it yet.
ง. Certainly. Here you are!

ข้อ 8. Jim: I lost my money last night.
Tony: ___________

ก. Really?
ข. What a pity!
ค. That’s too bad.
ง. Don’t mention it.

ข้อ 9. Nam: Do you mind if I opened the window?
Pim: ___________.

ก. Yes, I do.
ข. Not at all.
ค. Yes, you may.
ง. Yes, of course.

ข้อ 10. A: Thank you for your kindness.
B: ___________.

ก. O.K.
ข. Thanks
ค. Yes, please
ง. You’re welcome

ข้อ 11. My aunt isn’t old.___________lives nearby.

ก. It
ข. He
ค. She
ง. Her

ข้อ 12. They want to talk with ___________.

ก. he
ข. we
ค. she
ง. you

ข้อ 13. They usually ___________ to work on foot.

ก. go
ข. goes
ค. is going
ง. are going

ข้อ 14. Joy___________ her homework in the garden.

ก. isn’t do
ข. don’t do
ค. aren’t do
ง. doesn’t do

ข้อ 15. Pongsak ___________ home on Fridays night.

ก. stay
ข. stays
ค. is stay
ง. did stay

ข้อ 16. Wichuda rarely___________at work early.

ก. arrive
ข. arrives
ค. arrived
ง. is arrive

ข้อ 17. Pattama ___________ at home at the weekend.

ก. never
ข. is never
ค. isn’t never
ง. doesn’t never

ข้อ 18. It occasionally___________hard in Bangkok.

ก. rain
ข. rains
ค. raining
ง. doesn’t rain

ข้อ 19. Do you think_____ is stronger than______?

ก. he, I
ข. him, I
ค. he, me
ง. him, me

ข้อ 20. Help______carry______.______has fainted.

ก. I, her, she
ข. I, she, her
ค. me, her, she
ง. me, she, she



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